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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Racist justice(s) in America

Examples of the injustice of the "justice" system in America abound, and, like capitalism, it can operate the way it does even with "good" people at the helm. But there are plenty of people in both categories (running the police and courts and running corporations) who aren't "good people," and then the system can be even worse than normal.


In the latest embarrassment involving Broward judges, the county's chief criminal judge has asked to be reassigned, after coming under fire for making a derogatory remark following a criminal trial.

Criminal Administrative Chief Judge Charles Greene -- who has been on the bench for nearly two decades -- requested the transfer one day after Public Defender Howard Finkelstein asked the county's chief judge to remove him for using the acronym 'NHI,' which Finkelstein said stands for "no humans involved."

The pejorative phrase "no humans involved" dates back to the 1970s and was used to describe why some crimes against prostitutes, gays or blacks may not be pursued as vigorously as those with white victims, Finkelstein said.

The case he was presiding over involved black victims, a black defendant and a black witness.

"It is a deeply, deeply offensive term that at the very least is classist," Finkelstein said Tuesday. "Once the term is used, judges don't have to work as hard because there are 'no humans involved.'"
Note that this is not just any judge, but the Chief Administrative Judge, and also note that he hasn't been fired, just transferred (on his own request).

Like all the criminals in the Bush Administration, though, he has his excuse ready:

He said he did not know there was any "racial implication or overtone" to the comment he made.
Sure you didn't, pal. Sure you didn't.

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