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Monday, May 14, 2007


Audio Post of the Day: The Money Crop

Pope Benedict today condemned capitalism and Marxism (apparently he prefers feudalism). The following quote typifies the absurdity of his "plague on both your houses" approach: "Are only material goods, social and economic and political problems 'reality'?" Is the Pope really under the impression that material goods like a fancy car and video games are even remotely comparable to "social and economic and political problems" like having food to eat, clean water to drink, housing to live in, and health care to keep you alive and healthy? You know, the kind of things that a socialist society places first in its priorities?

For the Pope's benefit, I'm posting a song from 1966 by Malvina Reynolds entitled "The Money Crop," from her first album "Malvina." It's not her best song musically, but it provides a nice simple lesson about the essence of capitalism for someone as evidently simple-minded as the Pope (complete lyrics to the song here).

Reminder: after you click the arrow to start the song, be patient. It can take 15-30 seconds for the song to start.

If anyone has the Pope's email address, feel free the send him the URL to this post. :-)


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