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Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Supporting the troops revisited

In my review of the movie Sir, No Sir!, I wrote this:
If you watch Fonda in this film, at performances of her "FTA ('Free' the Army)" troupe before thousands of GIs, what you can see is someone who really supported the troops, in the sense of giving them the kind of support - emotional and political - that they really needed.
One of the highlights of that aspect of the film was the performance by Rita Martinson of a song entitled "Soldier, We Love You." The film contains part of that performance, but the extras contain the full performance. The extras run for nearly an hour and a half and have all sorts of interesting interviews and clips (e.g., a clip of "Hanoi Jane" and "Baghdad Cindy" speaking at a fundraiser for the film) which really make the DVD worth having or renting, even if you've already seen it in a theater.

As a bonus for readers (and, as soon as they discover it, all denizens of the Internets), I've put "Soldier, We Love You" up on YouTube; to atone for my sin of copyright infringment, I've embedded it within a plug for the movie. :-)

Update: Discovered a series of YouTube videos, which show excerpts from the movie (I think, I didn't watch them all). The first one in the series, though is not from the movie, and is more like a combination of a trailer or maybe teaser for the movie and a call to action. Well worth watching here.

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