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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Rachel Corrie's voice silenced yet again

This time in Florida:
My Name Is Rachel Corrie, the controversial play about a young American activist who died after she was run over by an Israeli-operated bulldozer in the Gaza Strip, has been pulled from the lineup at Plantation's Mosaic Theatre after protests from some of the theater's subscribers and outside individuals.
It was canceled despite the fact that comments on a special blog set up by the theater were running 85 percent in favor of showing the play.

The article also lets us know about a very interesting development in Seattle:

A current, glowingly reviewed production at the Seattle Repertory Theatre is so successful that its run has already been extended; however, three Jewish groups took out ads in the play's program denouncing the play, and protesters have been handing anti-Rachel Corrie leaflets to arriving theatergoers at each performance.
Do you think there is any other subject in the world about which theater owners would let someone take out an ad in the program denouncing the play? I really doubt it. Although the concept is rather interesting. Can we take out ads in Army recruitment brochures denouncing the Army? I rather like the idea.

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(Hat tip to a diarist at DailyKOS)

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