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Monday, April 02, 2007


Nancy Pelosi, D-Israel, Part II

Nancy Pelosi was in Lebanon today, where she paid a visit to the tomb of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq al Hariri. Visits to the tombs of any of the thousand Lebanese killed by Israel with U.S. bombs during last summer's assault, or any of the dozens of Lebanese children killed since then by U.S. cluster bombs? Not on the agenda. And, while there is no transcript of her remarks while in Lebanon, chances that she mentioned or even thought about those victims? Pretty much non-existent.

Ah, but don't think she's forgotten all about that war. Oh no:

During a visit to Israel during the weekend, Pelosi met with the families of two Israeli soldiers captured by Hezbollah guerillas this past summer. She is expected to raise the issue of the captured soldiers with Lebanese officials.

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