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Sunday, April 01, 2007


McCain, Obama, and genocide

More than a half-million Iraqis have died because of the U.S. invasion in March, 2003; another million or so died in the decade before that thanks the U.S./U.K. ("U.N.") sanctions. And in the light of all that, we can still, in this Alice-through the-looking-glass-world we live in, hear this from John McCain: "Failure is genocide." And when asked by Wolf Blitzer to respond to that statement, here's the stone-racist response from Barack Obama:
BLITZER: What if he's right? What if he's right, and what you're proposing and a lot of Democrats are proposing results in genocide in Iraq?

OBAMA: Well, look, what you have right now is chaos in Iraq. After having spent hundreds of billions of dollars, after seeing close to 3,200 lives lost, what you now see is chaos.
That's what Barack Obama thinks has been lost in Iraq - hundreds of billions of dollars, and 3,200 lives. The actual genocide that's taken place in the last 15 years? Sorry, neither he nor McCain nor Wolf Blitzer even acknowledges that that has taken place. The idea simply does not compute in their "the U.S. is a force for good in the world" brains.

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