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Sunday, April 15, 2007


How to bring instant peace to Iraq

John McCain, and many others as well, claim that if the U.S. sets a withdrawal date from Iraq, the resistance (or, in his words, "insurgents") would just "lay low" until then. If you really believed that absurd proposition, wouldn't it be the simplest and safest way to bring peace to Iraq? Instead of escalating the war and bringing about increased deaths for Americans and Iraqis, just announce a withdrawal date. Then, in the time between now and then, there will be plenty of time to rebuild Iraqi infrastructure, train an Iraqi army, and all those other things necessary for a stable Iraq, all in the absence of any action from the resistance who will be laying low. And tens of thousands of people will be alive who would otherwise have been killed.

Hell, if worst comes to worst and the resistance comes back with a vengeance on the withdrawal date, you can always say, "ha, ha, I had my fingers crossed, we're not withdrawing after all," and in the meantime you'll have bought yourself a year of peace at a very low price.

Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? Surely as much sense as walking through an Iraqi market wearing body armor, surrounded by 100 soldiers and protected by Apache helicopters and announcing it's a sign of "progress" in Iraq.

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