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Sunday, April 01, 2007


Google invents time-travel

What can you say about this?
Google's popular map portal has replaced post-Hurricane Katrina satellite imagery with pictures taken before the storm, leaving locals feeling like they're in a time loop and even fueling suspicions of a conspiracy.

Scroll across the city and the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and everything is back to normal: Marinas are filled with boats, bridges are intact and parks are filled with healthy, full-bodied trees.

Blue tarps that covered roofless homes are replaced by shingles. Homes wiped off their foundations are miraculously back in place in the Lower 9th. So, too, is the historic lighthouse on Lake Pontchartrain.
It is now an astonishing 19 months after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast. 19 months in which "the market" has proved rather conclusively that it does not provide the most good for the most people. 19 months in which "compassionate conservatism" has demonstrated conclusively that it is neither. But it seems "the market" is capable of working some miracles though...like reinventing the past (and the present). Thanks, Google.

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