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Monday, April 30, 2007


Condi Rice: accessory to murder

I wrote it at the time (also here and here), but now documents made available by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington reveal in writing the responsibility of Condoleezza Rice for the deaths of citizens of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina due to the lack of available medical care. The State Department's International Donation Assessment lists the Cuban offer of 1,586 doctors and 36 tons of "unspecified equipment" (that would be the backpacks described in great detail by Fidel Castro and pictured here along with two of the doctors who could have saved lives), an offer made while Condi was still on vacation, attending Broadway shows and shopping for shoes.

And what does it say on the line next to that offer, in the column marked "FEMA/OFDA Action"? Instead of "Accepted" or "Declined" or "Approved," like most entries, it says "DoS?" Making it obvious, as if we couldn't have assumed this from the start, that the State Department was acknowledging that it itself would take responsibility for dealing with this offer, rather than letting FEMA handle it. Of course they didn't. And it seems a virtual certainty that people died as a result of their inaction. Or, more accurately, their action in deliberately ignoring the offer to avoid the possibility of enhancing Cuba's reputation among Americans (the most likely motive).

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