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Monday, April 16, 2007


The best "democracy" money can buy

There was a lot of hoopla a few days ago when we learned that Barack Obama had received contributions from 100,000 different people and Hillary Clinton from 50,000. That would actually be a certain kind of demonstration of a sort of democracy, were it not for the bottom line - 86% of the actual dollar amount of Clinton's contributions, and 68% of Obama's (78% of all Democrats and 79% of all Republicans) came from people giving $1000 or more; roughly half (both parties) came from people giving $2300 or more. What fraction of the population do you suppose is in the financial position where they can afford to give $1000 to a candidate? Heck, "small" contributions in this survey are called "$200 or less," and what percentage of people could even afford to give $100? 86% of all money collected, by both Republicans and Democrats, came from people giving $200 or more.

The best "democracy" money can buy. Too bad you don't get much for your money.

(Hat tip to a diarist at Daily Kos)

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