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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Audio Post of the Day: No More Genocide

Thanks to a new 30-foot audio cable which lets me connect my stereo system to my computer, I'm now in a position to do a lot more digitizing of my extensive LP (look it up, young'uns) collection. If anyone has any recommendations for free services that let you embed mp3's in a post easily, let me know in the comments; I really can't take the time to make YouTube videos out of every interesting song I'd like to post, as admirable an idea as that may be. The service I'm trying out with this post, box.net, seems ok, but you have to upgrade to a paid account to allow direct embedding. And the way it works, it allows you not only to listen but to download the file, which isn't really what I intended. Subsequently switched to "esnips.com" which allows direct embedding, as obvious below.

Anyway, today's music is "No More Genocide" by Holly Near, recorded in 1973 on her great antiwar album "Hang in There." Have a listen.


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