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Saturday, March 03, 2007


The touching concern of imperialists

Thomas A. Shannon, the assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere Affairs, warned Venezuela today that it "cannot afford to drive away the major oil companies" through its takeover of major oil-producing operations. It's not that he's looking after the interests of the corporations, mind you, he's only concerned with what's best for Venezuela:
"Venezuela opened its energy section in the 1990s because it didn't have the capital or the technology to exploit its deep wells and its heavy oil, especially in the Orinoco. If it's the intention of Venezuela to have a top of the line industry, then maintaining partnership with these companies is going to be essential."
Since I'm in a musical mood (see post below), I can't help but offer another song lyric to explain this touching concern:
I'm only thinking of him,
I'm only thinking of him,
Whatever I may do or say;
I'm only thinking of him!
In my body; it's well known,
There is not one selfish bone...
I'm only thinking and worrying about him!

- "I'm Only Thinking of Him," from Man of La Mancha, sung by Antonia, Don Quixote's niece

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