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Friday, March 09, 2007


Surprise supporter of the Bolivarian Revolution

Who knew?
"You know, not far from the White House is a statue of the great liberator, Simon Bolivar. He's often compared to George Washington -- Jorge W. (Laughter.) Like Washington, he was a general who fought for the right of his people to govern themselves. Like Washington, he succeeded in defeating a much stronger colonial power, and like Washington, he belongs to all of us who love liberty. One Latin American diplomat put it this way: "Neither Washington, nor Bolivar was destined to have children of their own, so that we Americans might call ourselves their children."

"We are the sons and daughters of this struggle, and it is our mission to complete the revolution they began on our two continents. The millions across our hemisphere who every day suffer the degradations of poverty and hunger have a right to be impatient. And I'm going to make them this pledge: The goal of this great country, the goal of a country full of generous people, is an Americas where the dignity of every person is respected, where all find room at the table, and where opportunity reaches into every village and every home. By extending the blessings of liberty to the least among us, we will fulfill the destiny of this new world and set a shining example for others."

- President "Jorge" Bush
Perhaps "Jorge W." ought to start working on that revolution to alleviate the degradations of poverty not in "the Americas," but right across the river from the White House where, among other things, a young black child died this week from a toothache. And, while he's learning lessons from Bolivar, perhaps he should consider that people who won't give up until they've expelled occupying forces aren't limited to Latin America, but exist elsewhere as well. Iraq, Afghanistan, Haiti, and Palestine come to mind.

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