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Friday, March 02, 2007


Stop the War Now!

Given the discussion of whether soldiers' lives have been "wasted," and whether we can or should stop the war "now" as opposed to six months or a year into the future, this much too overlooked antiwar anthem becomes even more relevant:
Stop the war -- now
Don't put it off another day

Make your voices roar
Stop the war -- now

This is about all the soldiers
That are dead and gone today
If you asked them to fight again
Huh, what do you think they’d say

War casualties pile up each day
Cemetaries are overflowing
The leaders of the world claim victory’s near
But the death list keeps right on growing

And what does a mother get in return
For the life of the son she’s lost
A few measly pennies a month
A medal, a grave and a doggone cross

Enough blood’s been shed
By the wounded and the dead

-- Music and lyrics by Edwin Starr
And here's a video I threw together today, featuring this great song (my original notes on it here), coupled with some promotional material for the March 17-18 antiwar marches in DC and San Francisco, together with shots I've taken at antiwar marches in the SF area over the last few years. Enjoy!

Update: An interesting discussion about the history of "War" and "Stop the War Now."

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