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Thursday, March 08, 2007


One man's terrorist..., Part II

How easy it is to turn someone into a "terrorist." Sometimes all it takes is a memo from the boss, as this excerpt from an article about the sale of The New Republic to Canada's largest media conglomerate, CanWest, who also recently purchased the Montreal Gazette, indicates:
Charles Shannon, a copy editor at the Gazette, the only daily serving Montreal's 1 million Anglophone readers, says, "One definite edict that came down was that there should be no criticism of Israel. And by that I mean not even a mild rapping of the wrist." Shannon says he was instructed to change Reuters copy to reflect CanWest's position. "The message that was passed down to the copy desk was to change 'militant' to 'terrorist' when talking about armed Palestinians," he says. "It was a political change."

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