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Thursday, March 15, 2007


Minds exploding all over the United States

It's "general knowledge" in the United States that "there are no elections in Cuba," or, for those who recognize that there are perhaps local elections, that "Fidel isn't elected." Sadly for those so misinformed, the AP of all sources comes along today to set things straight (not to mention disappointing those who have been holding their breath until Fidel dies):
Fidel Castro will be in "perfect shape" to run for re-election to parliament next spring, the first step toward securing yet another term as Cuba's president, National Assembly head Ricardo Alarcon said Thursday.

"I would nominate him," said Alarcon, the highest-ranking member of parliament. "I'm sure he will be in perfect shape to continue handling his responsibilities."

A lengthy process of nominating candidates for municipal elections will begin this summer, leading to several rounds of voting. Then, by March 2008, Cuba should be ready to hold parliamentary elections that are expected to include Castro, Alarcon said.
For a far more complete discussion of the question of democracy in Cuba, and how it compares to democracy in the United States, this article is a great resource.

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