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Sunday, March 11, 2007


The Chavez tour

Some selected quotes (direct and indirect) from Hugo Chavez's tour of Latin America, from here and here:
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called on the United States Friday to exchange its nuclear aircraft carriers and assault troops for doctors to save lives around the globe.
"It appears that after seven years Bush has discovered there is poverty in Latin America. If he wants to contribute to ending it, well then, he should pardon the foreign debt and eliminate the US free trade policies."
"If you truly want social justice in the world, order the immediate withdrawal of the troops from Iraq. Use that gigantic [military] budget for investments in food and health."
"We are going to produce food for the vehicles of … the North — what a ridiculous thing!" Chavez said of the U.S.-Brazilian biofuels partnership announced during the Bush stop in Brazil. "They want to substitute the production of foodstuffs to sustain the 'American Way of Life.'"
[Bush is] "the president with the lowest intellectual level in the history of the United States."

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