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Monday, March 19, 2007


The "antiwar" Obama

Barack Obama appeared in Oakland for a rally this weekend. By way of contrast to the ridiculous AP estimate of 3,000 for the San Francisco antiwar march, here's how AP describes the Obama crowd size: "Event organizers said the crowd reached 12,000." Funny how the word of "event organizers" is taken as good coin at a political rally, but not at an antiwar rally, isn't it?

That was all an aside; the real point of this post was to discuss Obama's "antiwar" credentials. Here's what he had to say:

"I am proud of the fact that I opposed this war from the start. In 2002, I said this was a bad idea. It's going to cost us millions of dollars and thousands of lives. We don't have a strategy for getting out."
Notice anything missing? Sure you do, you're a reader of this blog. Not a word about the war actually being wrong, or illegal, or, given his tendency towards religiosity, immoral. And, I should note, no word of noticing, like I suspect many or most of us did, that the supposed "threat" from Iraq was complete nonsense from the start, even if they had had weapons of mass destruction.

Launching unprovoked attacks against another country? No problem for Obama. Just as long as it can be done without costing millions of dollars or thousands of lives. Watch for more invasions of countries like Panama, Grenada, and Haiti under "antiwar" President Obama.

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