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Friday, February 23, 2007


You're not a blogger, you're an "interest group"

In an article about how activist Democrats are targeting a primary challenge against Democratic moderate Ellen Tauscher (someone who once had pictures of her with George Bush and Joe Lieberman on her website, but has now removed them), the Washington Post makes the following rather curious claim:
Working for Us [the Political Action Committee created to challenge Tauscher] was created in January by a coalition of bloggers, trial lawyers and labor leaders, the trifecta of Democratic interest groups.
Really, who knew? Apparently bloggers stand to gain financially from an end to the war in Iraq, or an end to tax breaks for oil companies, or the host of other legislation in which various groups (like trial lawyers or working people) have a personal and often financial "interest." Evidently it now is sufficient to simply take a stand on issues to qualify as an "interest group."

Incidentally, aside from the nonsense about bloggers as an "interest group," note how the Post classifies the third so-called interest group not as labor unions but as labor leaders, a group who, I'll admit, quite often do not act in the best interests even of the members of their union, much less the working class as a whole, but still are rarely considered as a "special interest."

Me? I'm still waiting for that big payoff from blogging. Unfortunately the only payoff I'm looking for is an end to capitalism and imperialism, and I'm afraid it won't be happening in the 2008 elections.

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