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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Science vs. religion

So the tomb of Jesus...some guy named Jesus, anyway...has been discovered and the media is all over the story. On channel after channel, I've listened to serious discussions of scientific evidence - DNA, statistics, etc. Out of everything I've read and heard, only one person dared to state the obvious - obvious to me, anyway - Keith Olbermann:
"What if the story that Jesus was resurrected and rose to heaven had somehow been contradicted by new, conclusive proof, other than, you know, the laws of physics? Would any Christian denomination really call it a day and pack up shop?

"No matter what you think of the number two story on our COUNTDOWN tonight, if anyone ever hoped to use hard physical evidence to disprove Christianity, or any other established religion, that ship ascended long ago."
I'll avoid starting this sentence with "God," but I'll still say: Bless you, K.O. "Other than, you know, the laws of physics." Love it.

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