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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Darfur update

Updating the story below about Darfur, just how imprecise (and basically unknown) the numbers are from Darfur is indicated by today's McClatchy article, which refers to "a conflict that's claimed an estimated 450,000 lives." Pretty dramatic increase just since yesterday's 200,000! Unsurprisingly McClatchy gives no source for that information, since it doesn't appear there is any actual reliable source (Wikipedia summarizes the sources of various numbers, but it's "most reliable" source comes from a no-longer existing organization which sounds more like a right-wing advocacy group, and was certainly not a scientific research group). That doesn't prevent them from reporting the "information," unlike the reliably sourced information about fatalities in Iraq. That number would reflect badly on the U.S. government.

It does bear repeating so I'll say this again - am I saying that lots of people, perhaps even 450,000, have not been killed in Darfur? No, I'm saying we have virtually no idea of how many have been killed (or died), but that that doesn't stop the corporate media from dutifully echoing the numbers which serve the interests of the ruling class, just as they did in Kosovo and Iraq.

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