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Friday, January 19, 2007


Terrorist arms cache uncovered in the U.S.

But don't expect to hear about it on the evening news -- it was a terrorist arms cache intended to be used against Cuba:
An ally of Cuban exile militant Luis Posada Carriles turned over a stockpile of illegal machine guns, dynamite and a grenade launcher to federal agents this week in a bid to reduce his prison sentence, several sources familiar with the arms surrender said.

The Alvarez stash consisted of dozens of machine guns, rifles, C-4 explosive, dynamite, detonators, a grenade launcher and ammunition, sources said.
Needless to say, in this article from the corporate media, the word "terrorist" doesn't appear. As opposed to, say, those notorious "terrorists" the "Liberty City 7," who were (at least briefly) all over the news, despite having had no weapons at all, and having had to be given a camera (not to mention their alleged "plot" itself) by a government agent.

Yesterday, by the way, one of the key witnesses against Posada (who is being tried not for terrorism, naturally, but for immigration violations) found a pipe bomb under his car. Yet another act of terrorism the corporate press outside of Miami considers unworthy of reporting.

Update: Just as a reminder, the case of Robert Ferro, another anti-Cuban terrorist, caught in southern California with the largest arms cache ever uncovered in the United States (more than 1500 weapons, including 35 machine guns, 130 silencers, two short-barreled rifles, a live hand grenade, a rocket launcher tube and about 89,000 rounds of ammunition), and whose name has still not appeared in the national media.

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