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Thursday, January 25, 2007


Nuclear weapons: missing the real, seeing the imaginary

Last night C-SPAN broadcast the debate in Parliament (UK) on Iraq and the Middle East (the one Tony Blair refused to attend.). You can watch all 1 hr 52 min of it yourself (I didn't) at the C-SPAN archives (no direct link). At 1:05 into the debate, you'll hear William Hague, the Conservative Party Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, make the following claim:
"Unless Iranian plans are knocked off course, the consequences within a few years will be the spread of nuclear weapons programs to other nations in the Middle East and we would live with the consequences of it for generations to come."
200 Israeli nukes? Hague's never heard of them, or he'd know that nuclear weapons have already "spread to other nations in the Middle East." The nuclear weapons Iran not only doesn't have but has said over and over again that they have no intention of developing? Something to generate fear "for generations to come."

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