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Saturday, January 13, 2007


"Mission Accomplished": Somalia

Or so the New York Times would have us believe. In an article today headlined "As Somalia’s Leaders Meet, 8 Militiamen Die in Gunfight," we read this remarkable assertion:
The Islamists have vowed to carry on as an underground army and overthrow the transitional government, which is Somalia’s first politically viable central government since 1991, when the dictator Gen. Mohammed Siad Barre fled the country and let loose 15 years of clan-versus-clan warfare.
So an appointed "government" which was outside the country until a few weeks ago, and only came to power (the extent of which very much remains to be seen) on the backs of the Ethiopian army and with some as-yet-undetermined amount of U.S. military aid, has suddenly become a "politically viable central government." And not only that, the "first one since 1991," ignoring the fact that the Islamic Courts Union was by all accounts a politically viable central government (just not militarily viable against a superior invading force).

The only thing missing is the banner. I'm sure George Bush's PR folks can help out.

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