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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


L.A. 8 case dropped; Sami al-Arian remains in jail

Politics in the Zeros points us this morning to a Los Angeles Times story that reports that the a federal immigration judge has dismissed the government's attempt to deport Khader M. Hamide and Michel I. Shehadeh, two of the "L.A. 8," citing the government's "'gross failure' to comply with his instructions to produce 'potentially exculpatory and other relevant information,' and declaring that "the government's conduct in the case was 'an embarrassment to the rule of law.'"

Shehadeh says "After 20 years it becomes ingrained in you…. This might not be the end of it." And, as the case of another Palestinian activist, Sami al-Arian indicates, he is quite possibly correct. Although the government failed to convict al-Arian and his co-defendants more than a year ago, al-Arian remains in jail to this day, and is in fact on a hunger strike at this moment.

When it comes to those who support anyone that the United States government declares an "enemy," like the L.A. 8, Sami al-Arian, or the Cuban Five, innocence (or even acquittal!) is no bar to government prosecution and persecution.

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