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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Hugo Chavez' Inauguration Speech

Two weeks ago Hugo Chavez was inaugurated as President of Venezuela (again) and delivered a 2-hour address. Although it got a fair bit of press, a transcript of the talk doesn't seem to be available. But by chance, I happened a few days later to flip past C-SPAN and catch them broadcasting a portion of the speech, which I taped. I recently got some new hardware which has finally allowed me to transfer that tape to computer, so I pulled out just a few minutes of the talk, in which Chavez talks about Bolivar, Marx, Jesus, capitalism, socialism, and communism. I wish I could make all 45 minutes available, since C-SPAN hasn't archived it (publicly, anyway), but this is the best I can do. Maybe later I'll pull out other interesting sections.

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