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Thursday, January 18, 2007


Developments in Nicaragua

I have little doubt that readers who are interested are following the developments in Venezuela, which are being reasonably well covered (albeit with the usual "attitude") in the corporate media. But here's the latest development in Nicaragua, which I suspect you haven't read about:
The reestablishment of free education and medical assistance, one of the campaign promises of President Daniel Ortega, is coming into fruition in Nicaragua, reported Prensa Latina on Wednesday.

Miguel de Castilla, the new Education minister has told school principals it is now prohibited to receive money for registration, monthly payments and school materials and other items.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Maritza Quant announced the elimination of private health services in the country’s public hospitals.

The official said patients will no longer have to pay for medicines, surgery or clinical tests at the state hospitals and health centers.
Many, including myself, were and are skeptical of Daniel Ortega, based on the nature of the campaign he ran and the alliances he has forged. But it may well be that under the influence of Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Ecuador, among others, Ortega will find it easier to move further left than he (or we) expected he would. We shall see.

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