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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Cluster bomb update

I wrote below "that Israel's use of cluster bombs was a deliberate strategy to inflict harm on the civilian population long after they withdrew." Today CNN provides (from the United Nations Mine Action Coordination Center of South Lebanon) some numbers on that (some of this information was only broadcast and isn't in the link): 30 Lebanese dead (since the "end" of the invasion), and more than 180 injured. The harvest has also been severely impacted, because farmers are afraid to go into their fields. To his credit, CNN's Ben Weideman even reminded viewers of the head of an IDF rocket unit in Lebanon who described the Israeli actions (his actions) as "insane and monstrous."

As an amusing sidelight, before posting this I wanted to check the spelling of Ben Weideman's name, so I Googled it (Google being marvelous on the occasions when you have the spelling wrong, and it says, "Are you sure you didn't mean XXX?"). Here's what came up:

52. Why does Ben Weideman of CNN hate Israel so much? What's his story?
eye up above, Canada (08.02.06)
53. #52, CNN is a leftist organization, they all prefer socialism/communism over democracy.
Also, Wolf Blitzer is no better....
America is best, wala wala (08.02.06)

But hey, I got the spelling right. At least, if #52 and #53 did!

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