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Friday, January 12, 2007


An "antiwar" Democrat on Iran

You all remember Howard Dean, the "antiwar" Democrat, now head of the Democratic National Committee? Here's my transcript of a portion of his appearance today on MSNBC's Hardball (with a few of my own comments stuck in):
Chris Matthews: Will your party stand up against a war with Iran? It looks like the President is sort of edging towards military action against Iran?

Howard Dean: You know the great shame, among many shames, of going into Iraq, was we picked the wrong enemy. Iran is a danger [Ed. note: of course we're just supposed to accept this claim at face value, it's conventional "wisdom." Explanation not necessary.]. We've got our troops pinned down in the wrong place. Saddam Hussein was a terrible person, but not a danger to the United States. Iran is a danger [Ed. note: a little repetition is always good to drum this "fact" into the minds of the listeners.]. Obviously, I don't think there's much stomach among the American people for a war with Iran given what's gone on for the last three and a half years in Iraq, but we are clearly going to have to stand up to Iran [Ed. note: why? "Stand up to Iran" implies they've threatened us in some way? When did that happen?].

CM: Does that mean attack them? Are we going to commit an act of war against Iran?

HD: I think there's absolutely no stomach for that whatsoever either in the Congress or among the American people after what's been going on the last three and a half years in Iraq. [Ed. note: well, there's something postive to say about the war in Iraq, it's keeping the Democrats from having a "stomach" to go to war against Iran. Not that they're actually opposed to it, mind you.]

CM: So? Therefore, what do we do if they do develop or continue to move towards a nuclear weapon? [Ed. note: repetition of the big lie, naturally unchallenged.]

HD: I think the Administration did something good, I rarely have the opportunity to say that, the other day when they cut off some of the major banks in Iran from any financing using American dollars [Ed. note: on the bogus grounds that they were financing weapons of mass destruction.]. That's the kind of thing that has begun to turn North Korea around [Ed. note: huh? Did I miss something?], and I think that those kinds of approaches are far better than having 135,000 troops on the ground without knowing what you're getting into [Ed. note: but with those competent Democrats in power, who promise they will know what they're getting into, watch out.].
Boy, am I glad we've got the Democrats keeping us from war against Iran (or North Korea or Venezuela or Cuba or Nicaragua or anyplace else they decide is a "danger"). Not.

By the way, Matthews didn't even bother to ask Dean about the latest U.S. proxy war against Somalia. As long as we're just talking about proxy wars, with only small numbers of U.S. special forces on the ground, there's absolutely no division in the ruling class about such an intervention. Even Dennis Kucinich has nothing to say on the subject.

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