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Saturday, December 30, 2006


Website of the Year: Left I on the News!

So says Press Action, who writes:
Eli Stephens’s Left I on the News ascends from best Media Blog of the Year in 2005 to the grander Website of the Year award for 2006. Left I provided insightful analysis and media criticism of events in Iran, Venezuela, Cuba and even the Tour de France bicycle race. Press Action’s only qualm with Left I is the shortage of updates on the site when Eli would go on vacation or work-related travels.
Well, I'm truly honored. This blog is both a labor of love (i.e., not money) and a labor of (self-imposed) political obligation (see the two quotes which appear at the upper right of this blog for an elaboration). To the extent that it's appreciated and useful to others, I'm truly grateful.

And I do need to point out that, when updates disappear because I'm out of town, at least you get to look forward to some nice pictures when I return!

Drinks on me!

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