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Monday, December 04, 2006


"Venezuela is red, very red"

So Hugo Chavez upon winning reelection. Lenin quotes the following from a source which doesn't seem to correspond (but presumably did in a previous version of the article):
"Long live the socialist revolution! Destiny has been written ... We have shown that Venezuela is red! ... No one should fear socialism ... Socialism is human. Socialism is love ... Down with imperialism! We need a new world! It's another defeat for the devil, who tries to dominate the world ... Down with imperialism! We need a new world!"
As for what the future might hold aside from socialism:
"I'm not planning to say in the Constitution, 'Hugo Chavez will remain in the presidency until he dies,' because that would be perverse," said Chavez, who under the law can serve only this last term. "It's very different to study the possibility of indefinite re-election. It will always be the will of the people."
I'm in complete agreement. Term limits are anti-democratic and are widely recognized as being yet another way of increasing the power of the "lobbyists" (i.e., the capitalist class).

Another part of the speech, not found in any English-language media, but only in Granma Diario (my translation):

"I repeat what I said a few days ago, we dedicate this victory to the Cuban people and to president Fidel Castro. Brother, comrade, compaƱero. From here, a hug to Fidel and to the sovereign and fraternal people of Cuba."
No reaction yet from John Bolton or Condoleezza Rice. :-)

It's important to be very clear about what happened in Venezuela. The landslide re-election of Hugo Chavez didn't end the class struggle. It intensified it. And the outcome is by no means certain, particularly with the ruling class of the most powerful country in the history of the world being willing to use that power to maintain not only itself but its junior partners and potential partners around the world. Complacency with respect to what's happening in Venezuela, or in Cuba for that matter, is definitely not appropriate. I'm not sure who Thomas Jefferson had in mind when he said "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance," but the quote is very much applicable today. The ruling class does not give up. La lucha continua.

Part of the struggle continuing
Saturday's march in Cuba
Sign reads: Imperialism will never be able to crush Cuba
Sign on building reads: This country is militarily invulnerable

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