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Saturday, December 23, 2006


Those thoughtful Americans

So concerned about their neighbors:
Top Bush administration officials met this week to discuss Cuba's political future, with U.S. intelligence reports predicting that ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro may not have long to live.

President George W. Bush's national security adviser Stephen Hadley chaired the 90-minute meeting on Thursday that included Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and other officials, National Security Council press secretary Gordon Johndroe said on Saturday.

"We're engaged in an interagency process that is focused on a successful transition to democracy for the people of Cuba," Johndroe said.
Ah, so thoughtful. So concerned. Well, not quite:
He declined to provide further details about the meeting at the White House.
Yeah, you bet he did. Since admitting their actual plans might be illegal. There's a reason why their 500-page plan for Cuba contains a secret appendix, and why it specifically calls for the creation of a repressive apparatus to be created as part of their "transition," and why the list of Cubans targeted by that apparatus "will be a long one."

These people are serious. They think their best chance to overturn the gains of the Cuban revolution in more than a generation is coming, and they aim to take advantage of it, by hook or by crook. Or both.

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