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Thursday, December 07, 2006


Iran: the big lie continues

George Bush today:
"Iran now has an opportunity to make its choice. I would hope they would make the choice that most of the free world wants them to make, which is there is no need to have a weapons program; there is no need to isolate your people; there's no need to continue this obstinance when it comes to your stated desires to have a nuclear weapon."
To state the truth which has only the remotest acquaintance with George Bush: Iran does not have a [nuclear] weapons program, and they not only do not have "stated desires to have a nuclear weapons," they have precisely the opposite - a stated opposition to nuclear weapons, both for themselves and everyone else.

Update: Something I didn't catch. In another answer response, Bush refers to "a nuclear weapon in the hands of a government that is -- would be using that nuclear weapon to blackmail to achieve political objectives." This from the head of a country which is very vocal about its "all options are on the table" position, and has pointedly refused to rule out the first use of nuclear weapons, even against non-nuclear states (a clear violation of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, of course), all in order to...achieve political objectives. And of course Bush is absolutely right. Nuclear weapons in the hands of countries who use them to blackmail other countries to achieve political objectives is completely unacceptable. One might even call it "terrorism." Sadly, George Bush (and most of the U.S. ruling class and media) looks at the world through the wrong side of a one-way mirror - the non-reflective side.

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