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Thursday, December 28, 2006


In which the author of Left I on the News is literally struck dumb

Activist extraordinaire Medea Benjamin has an article today on CommonDreams listing the "ten good things of 2006." Now while I admire Benjamin's activism, we don't share precisely the same politics, so I could quibble with her enthusiasm for the 2006 election results, and I would certainly dispute the omission of Cuba from a list of Latin American countries "committed to improving the lives of the majority" (but I'll give her the benefit of doubt and assume she was only talking about recent additions to that list).

But I was literally struck dumb when I read her 7th "good thing":

While the fighting between Israel and Lebanon left over 1,000 dead, mostly Lebanese, a ceasefire was achieved after only 34 days. When the violence threatened to spiral out of control, the United Nations, the Arab League and individual governments stepped forward to insist on negotiations, to hammer out a ceasefire agreement and to provide international peacekeeping forces to serve as monitors.
"Only" 34 days? The U.N. stepped forward "when the violence threatened to spiral out of control"? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? What was she thinking when she wrote this?

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