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Tuesday, November 07, 2006



I'm not sure if Stephanie McMillan is recommending not voting at all, but I doubt she is. Because, while the choice of voting for Tweedledum and Tweedledumber (or TweedleImperialist and TweedleImperialister) isn't one I'm going to make, and while I am annoyed (like Stephanie, apparently) at being asked to vote for some new tax or some new bonds for something you can't say no to like clean water or education but never given a chance to vote against spending hundreds of billions of dollars on war, there still are things I cast my vote for that are real and do matter. Here in California, just to name two, there's a ballot proposition to force parental notification of abortions, and another (Prop. 90) which elevates private property rights to even higher levels than they are now, and would for all intents and purposes abolish zoning laws and prevent governments from planning rational uses of land.

So, the meaningless choices on the top of the ballot notwithstanding, go vote.

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