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Saturday, November 04, 2006


The ongoing Israeli massacre in Gaza

Make no mistake about it - it's a massacre. Yesterday alone, Israel murdered 14 Palestinians in Gaza, bringing the total to nearly 300 since June. In that time, only a handful of Israeli soldiers have died, and, I'm pretty sure, not a single Israeli civilian. As I said, a massacre.

Billmon has a long post up today about the moral ambiguity of the situation, in particular the murder of the two Palestinian women yesterday acting as human shields. But the facts, which seem to be most thoroughly covered in this Los Angeles Times article, say otherwise. Here's the "money section":

The lead group of women approached the besieged mosque on foot on a wide street, shouting at the Israelis to leave Gaza. Soldiers turned from the mosque and opened fire.

An Israeli army spokesman said soldiers had spotted two male militants hiding among the women and fired at them. Footage filmed by Reuters and other news organizations showed no men in the crowd at the time.
Even FOX News, which I was watching last night, showed footage of the crowd outside the mosque, circled two figures in the crowd which appeared to be male, and noted that they were clearly unarmed. And just how good does that Israeli army spokesman think we think the vision of Israeli soldiers is anyway, that they could identify "militants" in the crowd? The bottom line is that, to the Israeli army (and to most of the Western corporate media), any Palestinian male between the age of 12 and 70 is a "militant," or at least a "potential militant," which, according to the doctrine of "preemptive strike," is the same as a "militant."

And, just a reminder that, while there are indeed Palestinians firing rockets into Israel (rockets which "have caused panic, property damage and six deaths in the last three years," i.e., fewer deaths than the number of Palestinians killed in just a few hours yesterday), the vast majority of the people being killed wholesale by the Israelis, and described by the Israelis and the corporate media as "militants" or "gunmen," are nothing more than people defending their land against invaders from another country. As with the comparable situation in Iraq, these people are no less "innocent" than the "innocent civilians," and their deaths are no more "acceptable" than those of the civilians.

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