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Monday, November 06, 2006


More on the Saddam verdict

George Bush claimed today that the conviction and sentencing to death of Saddam Hussein was "a landmark event in the history of Iraq." But if George Bush had his way, Saddam Hussein would have been dead on March 20, 2003, a victim of American bombs. So evidently convicting him in an "Iraqi" court wasn't that important as far as Bush was concerned.

One note on the quotes around "Iraqi." We all know that the defendants have been in the custody of Americans, not Iraqis. But tonight on BBC, something else was revealed. The BBC reporter had to get permission from the Americans to interview the defense lawyers. Yes, you read that right. Not the defendants. The defense lawyers.

And, while we're on the subject of that "landmark" "Iraqi" "justice," just a brief reminder that there are many people - Tariq Aziz for one and Gen. Amer al-Saadi for another, who as far as we know are still being held illegally by American forces, three and a half years after surrendering voluntarily to the Americans. Aziz at least was accused of something (basically being part of a regime that lost a war), although a trial doesn't seem to be in the offing (I'm not sure he's actually been officially charged with anything). Gen. al-Saadi has been charged with...absolutely nothing.

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