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Friday, November 03, 2006


The Guantanamo you don't know

In Guantanamo, iguanas have more rights than the detainees in the gulag of our time. Being the protected species that they are, you have to drive at less than 40 kilometers per hour along the roads of the U.S. base in Cuba to avoid running over them. When haste, forgetfulness or the cruelty of certain soldiers fails to respect this speed limit and one of those saurians are crushed, the offender has to pay a $10,000 fine.
This might sound like just an amusing anecdote. It is, but it isn't, because the rest of the article from which it is taken expands on the question of the "rights" of the detainees by describing in detail a "hearing" given to one of the imprisoned men (you can't call them "prisoners" because that would imply some sort of legal process had led to their incarceration) at Guantanamo. Written by a reporter for Spain's El Pais, it offers a rare, and Kafkaesque, view of an activity that is essentially completely hidden from view from the public of the country doing the incarcerating.

Highly recommended.

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