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Thursday, November 16, 2006


The future of Iraq, on view today in Afghanistan

This is what Iraqis have to look forward to if the "antiwar" Democrats ever succeed in pushing through the "redeployment" option:
The Air Force has conducted more than 2,000 airstrikes in Afghanistan over the past six months, a sharp increase in bombing that reflects the growing demand for American air cover since NATO has assumed a larger ground combat role, Air Force officials said.

The intensifying air campaign has focused on southern Afghanistan, where NATO units, primarily from Britain, Canada and the Netherlands, as well as American Special Forces have been engaging in the heaviest and most frequent ground combat with Taliban rebels since the invasion five years ago.

The NATO forces are mostly operating without heavy armor or artillery support, and as Taliban resistance has continued, more air support has been used to compensate for the lightness of the units, Air Force officials said. Most of the strikes have come during "close air support" missions, where the bombers patrol the area and respond to calls from ground units in combat rather than performing planned strikes.
No word on how many innocent civilians, or even supposed "enemy" forces, have been killed by these ten/day strikes. We can guess these bombs aren't just being dropped on empty desert. Also no word on how many airstrikes are taking place in Iraq. I've written recently about the almost total lack of reporting about any airstrikes in Iraq, but it seems unlikely that that reflects the reality of the situation.

Of particular interest is the asserted reason for the airstrikes: "The NATO forces are mostly operating without heavy armor or artillery support." The reason this is interesting is because, as I have also written, there is no chance that the U.S. is ever going to provide such heavy weaponry to the Iraqi forces they are supposedly training; no chance because, if they did, the chance that those weapons would be turned on the Americans would be almost a certainty. Which means that, unless we stop them, the future of Iraq is precisely what is on view in Afghanistan - Americans delivering indiscriminate death from the air.

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