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Monday, October 23, 2006


A woman's perogative?

Not really. Just the usual imperialist hypocrisy.


Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing have reaffirmed the close ties between their countries and their determination to work together toward a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula.
Seoul and Washington will add use of nuclear arms by U.S. forces in response to North Korean atomic weapons in a joint operation strategy codenamed OPLAN 5027, sources said Thursday. That would mean the return of U.S. tactical nuclear weapons to South Korea 15 years after they were pulled out in 1991.
And what better way to create a "nuclear-free Korean Peninsula" than to put nuclear weapons back into South Korea? Kind of like that "nuclear disarmament" that the U.S. and the other nuclear powers agreed to when they signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty .

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