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Sunday, October 22, 2006


The undead

With Halloween approaching, I continue my coverage of the "undead" - Iraqi resistance fighters who are no longer alive, yet who, according to all the media, never died. Consider:
So far this month, at least 907 Iraqis have been killed in war-related violence, an average of 43 a day. That compares to an average daily death toll of about 27 since April 2005. The AP count includes civilians, government officials and police and security forces.
Like vampires, those resistance fighters simply don't cast a shadow. For example, consider this from the same article:
The United Nations has said at least 100 Iraqis are now killed daily.
But that's not true. As you can see from this article from two days ago, the U.N. figures are for civilians only, not for "Iraqis."

But for the media, "Iraqis" and "Iraqi civilians" are synonomous. The others? The "evildoers"? Evidently they aren't people. Which explains why they never die.

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