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Thursday, September 14, 2006


Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold

In the last few days:

The Lord Chancellor, the highest ranking official in the British legal system, describes Guantanamo as "a 'shocking affront to the principles of democracy' and a violation of the rule of law."

The head of an Israeli military unit describes the Israeli use of cluster bombs in Lebanon as "insane and monstrous."

The head of the Northern command of the Israeli army resigns, and calls are heard in Israel for the resignation of the Prime Minister, the Defense Minister, and the Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army.

A resolution is introduced in Congress demanding Donald Rumsfeld's resignation.

The chief Intelligence Officer of the U.S. Marines says in a secret report that the U.S. has "lost" Anbar province.

A top British soldier in Afghanistan quits, using words like "grotesque" and "pointless" to describe the British effort there.

No doubt there's even more I'm missing.

I used a quote from a famous poem by William Butler Yeats to head this post; it just seemed right. But perhaps a more accurate title would have been, "Rats deserting a sinking ship."

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