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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Quote of the Day

On NBC...Washington bureau chief Tim Russert told viewers before [last night's] speech that the president would be assuming the role of "commander in chief, healer in chief, comforter in chief; all alone in the Oval Office with one big megaphone for the country and the world to hear." (Source)
Are you effing kidding me? Is there a pimp or marketing person in the land who could do a better job selling their product? That "all alone in the Oval Office" line brought tears to my eyes, I felt so sorry for that poor George Bush, only trying to heal and comfort the nation. Ugh. I feel slimy just having repeated this quote.

After the speech, when it was obvious that the networks had been duped by the White House into not scheduling any kind of Democratic response (God forbid they should schedule a response from a Green, or a Red (!), or someone in the antiwar movement!), and they hastily scheduled not such a response but "analysis" (a word we use very loosely when it comes to the "analysis" we get on network TV), Russert added some more pimping for the President:

During that segment, Russert predicted that Democrats would no doubt accuse Bush of playing "politician in chief."
Rather than criticizing Bush for politicizing the speech, Russert instead implicitly criticizes the Democrats, and doesn't just criticize them, but criticizes them in advance for something they haven't even said!


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