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Monday, September 04, 2006


Bizarre news item of the day

Jon Stewart has a technique where he reads some unbelievable piece of news and then rubs his eyes and goes "Whaaaaaaa?" This, from an article summarizing the various countries which are for or against Venezuela's candidacy for the Security Council, just has to be a candidate for that kind of treatment:
In Latin America, Venezuela is probably ahead, with Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Bolivia all committed, and Cuba almost certain to back it as well.
Cuba is "almost certain"? Whaaaaaa? Well, maybe AP thinks there's a chance the U.S. can overthrow the Cuban revolution before the vote on October 16. Or perhaps they're in possession of a weather forecast indicating that October 16 is going to be a cold day in hell. Because those are pretty much the only two circumstances in which Cuba is going to vote against Venezuela.

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