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Thursday, August 10, 2006


The U.N. disgraces itself even further

The U.N. Security Council, the only body with real power, is little more than a tool for imperialism to impose its will on the people of the world. It's inability to achieve a ceasefire in Lebanon after a month would be laughable were it not for the fact that more than a thousand people are dead, thousands more wounded, and large swaths of a country destroyed. But with all that, the other agencies of the U.N. have at least maintained a certain independence and been worthy of a certain respect. Until now:
The UN's top humanitarian official has criticised Israel and Hezbollah for hindering access to southern Lebanon, calling the situation a "disgrace".

Jan Egeland said both sides could give aid agencies access in a "heartbeat". Hospitals in south Lebanon are also said to be low on food and fuel.

Speaking at UN offices in Geneva, Switzerland, Mr Egeland said Israel and Hezbollah were preventing relief workers from saving people's lives.

"It is a disgrace really. We have not had any access for many days to the besieged population of southern Lebanon," he said.
The disgrace is Mr. Egeland. Like all the readers of this blog, he knows very well exactly what Israel has been doing to prevent relief workers from providing aid to southern Lebanon, even going so far as to bomb makeshift bridges that were erected precisely for the purpose of bringing in that aid. I won't bore you with the rest, you all know it. Meanwhile, stories abound in the media about Hizbollah providing aid as much as it can to the people in the bombed villages. There is not a single story anywhere, not a single fact to back up Egeland's ludicrous claim that Hizbollah somehow bears any responsibility at all for the restrictions on providing aid, much less the equivalent responsibility implied by his remarks.

A disgrace. That's the word alright.

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