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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Terrorists flee Bint Jbail

From the Washington Post:
They were shrunken figures, dehydrated and hungry. Some had lived on candy bars, others on pieces of dry bread. Some were shellshocked, their faces blank, the expression that comes from living under bombing for 20 days. One never made it. He was carried out on a stretcher, flies landing on lifeless eyes that were still open.

Behind them stumbled Zeinab Diabis, so old and stooped that her back was parallel to the ground. Her hands groped along splintered concrete. To anyone who would listen, she cried for her brother, Ahmed, who was still trapped a half-mile away in the basement of a house.

"Who's going to bring him?" she shouted. "Who's going to show them where he is?"

"What's it going to take to bring this back?" asked Ali Hakim, an 80-year-old resident, emerging from rubble that was once his house.

A man put his belongings on a piece of cardboard, which he pulled along the street with a string. Two others pushed a woman in a wheelchair along the winding road. A group trudged ahead, with plastic bags, satchels, suitcases and a green sports bag packed with prescription medicine.

Alaa Dagher was ahead of them, carrying four children in a wheelbarrow.

A worker emerged from the basement with Mariam Sharara cradled in his arms. In her 80s, maybe older, she was blind, so dehydrated after 20 days of hiding that she could hardly move. They set her against a wall, and she slumped to her side, listless.
Bint Jbail wasn't some small village - it was a city of 30,000 people, not that dissimilar to the city I live in. Except in Bint Jbail, and in Qana, and dozens of others cities, towns, and villages all over southern Lebanon, there is barely a house left undamanged, if not destroyed. Reporters like CNN's Brent Sadtler who reported from Qana after the first massacre in 1996, and now after the second massacre in 2006, describe the devastion as much worse this time. "Crimes against humanity" doesn't begin to describe the Israeli/U.S. war against Lebanon.

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