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Sunday, August 13, 2006


Sunday talk shows

...are largely a waste of time. For a real insight into what's going on in the world, try this piece by an Indian writer, covering the history of Israel and Lebanon, the founding of Hizbollah, the origins and trajectory of the current war, and the very real imperialist plans for a "new Middle East." An extremely informative and well-reasoned piece.

Update: And I suppose I should add the latest from Sy Hersh on how the war was planned in advance by Israel, and just waiting for the slightest pretext. Especially since in it, former NATO commander and former (and possibly future) Democratic Presidential contender Wesley Clark admits that the U.S. is a terrorist state:

The Israelis repeatedly pointed to the war in Kosovo as an example of what Israel would try to achieve...Clark,...took issue with the analogy: "If it’s true that the Israeli campaign is based on the American approach in Kosovo, then it missed the point. Ours was to use force to obtain a diplomatic objective--it was not about killing people."
Using force to obtain a diplomatic objective is precisely the definition of terrorism.

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