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Thursday, August 03, 2006


Sick political humor of the day

As Dave Barry used to say, I swear I am not making this up. Yesterday on TV I heard a commentator say, "Israel has to be really careful now, because if there is a repetition of the incident at Qana, world opinion will really turn against them."

Yes, because just killing 54 people including 37 children (or whatever the revised total is) once (or more than 800 total including 1/3 children) just isn't enough for world opinion.

I only wish I believed that "world" (by which he meant "U.S." of course, since commentators on American TV really couldn't care less what the "world" thinks, any more than the U.S. ruling class cares what the "world" thinks) opinion really would turn against Israel in that case, since sadly, I'm pretty sure there will be a repetition. Unfortunately, the apologists will come up with some blurry undated pictures of Hizbollah rockets being fired from the location, and "world" (U.S.) opinion will be placated once again.

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