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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Prepare for the U.S. invasion of Venezuela

Iran allegedly developing nuclear weapons. North Korea allegedly already having them. None of those things is going to arouse the U.S. ruling class to support the invasion of another country as quickly as this:
Caracas Mayor Juan Barreto announced late Tuesday that the municipal government planned to seize two elite country clubs, Valle Arriba and the Caracas Country Club, and redevelop them as low-income housing projects.
There hasn't been much about this in the corporate media, but this planned seizure is only the latest step in an ongoing project, as this particular article (from the Los Angeles Times) explains:
Juan Carlos Loyo, president of National Land Institute, said his agency is about halfway toward the target of redistributing 4 million acres to the poor.

This month, the government began carving up the La Vergarena ranch in southern Bolivar state, a 500,000-acre property owned by a banking family that the government said was underutilized. About 10% of the ranch has been turned over to indigenous groups who will plant crops while preserving the forests.
When Marxists use the term "class struggle," though, there's a reason for that second word. These kind of actions are no picnic:
The social revolution pushed by Chavez is having violent repercussions. More than 50 peasant squatters have been slain since the president took office.
La lucha continua.

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