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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Lebanon: the full invasion is on

The latest news reports from AP make clear that Israel has decided (had decided from the beginning?) on a full-scale invasion of Lebanon. Air strikes are continuing, making a complete joke of the supposed 48-hour pause, and the ground invasion has escalated dramatically, including Israeli commandos (now reportedly trapped in a hospital and fighting for their lives) landing by helicopter in Baalbeck, 80 miles north of Israel and, in fact, north of Beirut. Israel is now dropping leaflets on villages north of the Litani, demanding that villagers flee, and openly admitting their intention to occupy Lebanon up to the Litani (which, considering all their previous claims about their intentions have proven false, isn't worth much).

Not to mention continuing their barbaric assaults on civilians:

Aid groups had hoped to take advantage of the supposed 48-hour lull in airstrikes to get food and medicine to civilians trapped in the south. But Israel denied access to two U.N. convoys. Others who made the journey described airstrikes close to their convoys, and bodies along the road.
If you read the entire article, it's a devastating picture indeed. The U.S./Israeli assault on Lebanon rages on.

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